Whiskey Nosing Glass Set of 2-Rocker Tumblers-Custom Handblown Pieces perfect for Assessing and Tasting, 9.5 oz.+ 4 Stainless Steel Ice-cube Chilling Stones, in a Designer Classic-black Gift-box

$49.95 (as of April 5, 2017, 2:58 pm)

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  • Often considered the Granddaddy of whiskey nosing receptacles, the tulip shape of these
    2 old-fashion whiskey tumblers have a long and rich tradition for delivering a spectacular visual and
    olfactory experience because of its wide bowl and tapered mouth opening.
  • This set of 2 rockers/tumblers is especially desirable because they were crafted from the ancient art
    of hand-blown, also known as mouth-blown glass, making each piece unique and one-of-a-kind.
  • Each tumbler is 9.5 oz. lead-free, and it is recommended that they be hand washed, though machine washing will not damage them.
  • The 4 ice-cube chilling stones are plated stainless steel and filled with a food-grade-quality
    (BPA approved) gel, which when put into a freezer, they will freeze and then slowly defrost causing
    the surface of the stone to get cold for an extended period of time which will chill your spirit by 7 to 12 degrees when submerged.
  • Presented in an executive classic-black designer gift-box, this set of 2 Old-fashion whiskey tumblers
    and 4 ice-cube shape chilling stones will make for a wonderful and classy gift to anyone special
    and important on your holiday shopping list.
  • This is a Del Rey Glassware product, a family owned and operated U.S. company who strives
    to provide “quality Fit for a King” glassware at exceptional prices.
  • Please click on the images provided above and learn much more about these quality whiskey
    nosing glasses and chilling stones. Get a set or 2 today for $32.50 discounted from the regular price of $49.95. Limited time offer.

Wide Bowl: Optimal for swirling your whiskey or other spirits which allows you to visually assess and appreciate all the natural colors present in your drink. Swirling also helps aerate the delicious bouquet of aromas to the mouth opening in advance of the next phase of the appreciation experience-the nosing. Best of all, a wide heavy base and bowl is fabulous for guarding against the loss of any precious liquid caused by the inevitable spill after having a skosh more than wisdom would advise.
Tapper Mouth Opening: The tulip shape of this tumbler expertly concentrates the sensual aromatic notes of your favorite spirits to the narrow mouth opening allowing for the greatest pleasure and appreciation from your nosing experience.
Hand-blown/Mouth blown Glass: From the ancient art of about 50 B.C., hand-blown, also known as mouth blown glass, means that each piece is individually created, making these truly one-of-a-kind with varying characteristics imbedded into the glass. This set of 2 old-fashion rocker tumblers will be the hit of any party and make for interesting conversation within your social circles, as well as being a wonderful addition to your bar glass collection.
Plated Stainless Steel Chilling Stones: These ice-cube shape chilling stones/rocks are used to chill your spirit of choice by 7 to 12 degrees without any diluting as is the case when using regular frozen ice-cubes. Excellent for those spirits that may have a bite to them when served at room temperature, but when slightly chilled they become deliciously palatable-resulting in a greater appreciation of the spirit. Filled with a food-grade-quality gel (BPA approved).
Premium Gift-box: This elegant black gift-box is sturdily constructed with a black velvet covered EVA material insert to securely protect your tumbler glasses. You can be assured that your friends, family, boss, colleagues and…that very special love-one will greatly appreciate receiving this gift for any occasion-satisfaction guaranteed. Get a set or 2 today for $32.50, discounted from the retail price of $49.95. Limited time offer. Brought to you by Del Rey Glassware. “Quality Fit for a King.”
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